EBCLC centers women of color as catalysts to transform and uplift entire families and communities. 

In January 2021, EBCLC launched our Women of Color-Centered Platform. This vision reflects our commitment to centering women of color, who remain the largest group of clients we serve. Our mission, vision, and work uncompromisingly recognize that the intersectionality of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation plays a crucial role in shaping social determinants of health. By bringing the health, safety, economic, and political needs of women of color from the margins to the front, EBCLC is working to uplift whole families and communities.

We believe in:

  • Relief and freedom for our undocumented workers, students, and community members who kept our economy afloat during COVID-19. This must include expansion of DACA.
  • ¬†Healthcare for all:¬† Healthcare facilities address racial disparities in health outcomes. They ensure that their providers do not discriminate against their staff or patients.
  • Universal basic income: Meaningful cash disbursements that allow communities of color to compete with generational and historically white wealth.
  • An enforceable right to housing: All back rent must be waived and the eviction moratorium extended until the structural changes are made by the state and local government to address redlining.
  • Cancellation of student debt: Student loan forgiveness will ensure that historic unemployment and a slow economy will not impoverish primarily Black borrowers.
  • Immediate release of all incarcerated youth: Investments must be made in families not the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Release and reparations for all ensnared in the failed War on Drugs: Universal recognition that drug laws and enforcement must be accompanied by meaningful action to address the harm.
  • A living wage: Compensation for essential workers and their families must be commensurate with their value.