Who We Are

We Advance Justice and Build Community


Our mission is to promote justice and build a community that is more secure, productive, healthy, and hopeful by providing legal services and policy advocacy that are responsive to the needs of low-income communities and law training that prepares future attorneys to be skilled and principled advocates, who are committed to addressing the causes and conditions of racial and economic injustice and poverty.


We envision a California where Black and Indigenous communities, and those at the intersection of multiple oppressions, are positioned to realize thriving, healthy, and dignified lives.

Clients and Staff at a Glance


of our clients identify as BIPOC


of our clients are women of color


of our staff identify as BIPOC



Zoë Polk

Zoë Polk is the Executive Director of the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC).

As Executive Director, Zoë leads EBCLC’s efforts to provide client-centered, holistic legal advocacy, dismantle structural racism, and build a resilient and healthy community. Zoë took the helm of EBCLC in January 2020, proudly joining the organization’s legacy of Black women executive directors.

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Our Team and Board of Directors

Our talented and diverse staff are deeply committed to our dual mission of training the next generation of social justice lawyers and increasing access to legal services.


Our dedicated board of directors, most of whom are graduates of Berkeley Law, bring a broad range of experience and expertise to our agency and are active in our community.

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Azizah Ahmad

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Health & Welfare

Ramon Becerra Alcantar 2023/09/bethaniehines-19-e1659049633720-735x1024-1-e1698249514286.jpg

Ramon Becerra Alcantar

Director of Operations


Easha Anand

Board Secretary

Deltrina 2023/09/bethaniehines-12-scaled-e1581012916666.jpg

Deltrina Anderson

Office Manager


Michelle Wilde Anderson

Board Member


Abhay Aneja

Board Member


Luke Apfeld

Board Member


Gabby Areas

Student Board Member

Carolina 2023/09/bethaniehines-41-e1667605784601.jpg

Carolina Avila

Social Worker, Immigration Practice

Jisaya 2023/09/bethaniehines-4-e1667344315234.jpg

Jisaya Ayala

Administrative Assistant


Rosa Bay

Co-Deputy Director

Milo Manopoulos Beitman 2023/10/bethaniehines-64-scaled-e1698261242659.jpg

Milo Manopoulos Beitman

Interim Director, Health & Welfare

Laura Bixby 2023/09/Bixby-headshot-1-768x768-1.jpg

Laura Bixby

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Housing Practice


Marian Avila Breach

Student Board Member

Sara Cantor 2023/09/bethaniehines-14-scaled-e1690478226659-768x739-1.jpg

Sara Cantor

Staff Accountant

Karla Cruz 2023/10/bethaniehines-84-e1667612506831.jpg

Karla Cruz

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Immigration Practice


Jasmine Cuenca

Social Worker, Housing Practice

Theo Cuison 2023/09/bethaniehines-1-4-scaled-e1581012303662.jpg

Theo Cuison

Co-Director, Immigration Practice

Stephanie Daniels 2023/10/EBCLC-scaled-stephanie-daniels.jpg

Stephanie Daniels

Board Member

Daisy O. Felt 2023/10/bethaniehines-78-e1667612289336.jpg

Daisy O. Felt

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Immigration

Ruby Ferguson 2023/10/bethaniehines-70-e1667346348644.jpg

Ruby Ferguson

Executive Assistant

Hannah Flanery 2023/10/bethaniehines-81-1-e1667612725521.jpg

Hannah Flanery

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Housing Practice

Shauna Fujimoto 2023/10/bethaniehines-23-768x1152-1-e1698262437941.jpg

Shauna Fujimoto

Senior Contracts Officer

Milat Getu 2023/10/bethaniehines-8-768x1152-1-e1698262370836.jpg

Milat Getu

Development and Communications Assistant


Jocelyn Gomez

Student Board Member

Stefanie Gonzales 2023/10/IMG_4374_anonymous-150x150-1.jpg

Stefanie Gonzales

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Immigration Practice


Divya Gopal

Board Member

Meghan Gordon 2023/10/bethaniehines-85-1-e1667605998543.jpg

Meghan Gordon

Co-Director, Housing Practice

Maria Gabriela Guerra 2023/10/bethaniehines-23-scaled-e1693962379773-989x1024-1.jpg

Maria Gabriela Guerra

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor


Eleana Hai

Individual Giving Manager


Jevon Potts Harrison

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Community Economic Justice Practice


E. Venessa Henlon

Board Member

Alex Hernandez 2023/10/bethaniehines-77-1-scaled-e1689360880695.jpg

Alex Hernandez

Program Coordinator, Immigration Practice

Jelitza 2023/10/Jelitza-scaled-e1590364941777-978x1024-1.jpg

Jelitza Herrera

Paralegal, Consumer Justice Clinic


Christin Hill

Board Pro Bono Chair


Luan Huynh

Board Member

Ellen Ivens-Duran 2023/10/bethaniehines-44-e1667605654962.jpg

Ellen Ivens-Duran

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Education Defense and Justice for Youth

Peter James 2023/10/bethaniehines-65-768x1152-1-e1698261910908.jpg

Peter James

Senior Data and Evaluation Manager

Marc S. Janowitz 2023/10/bethaniehines-15-scaled-e1581012709229.jpg

Marc S. Janowitz

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Housing Practice

Athena Johns 2023/10/bethaniehines-77-e1667612685554.jpg

Athena Johns

Staff Attorney, Immigration Practice


Sandra Johnson

Board Member

Gracie Jones 2023/10/bethaniehines-20-e1667606620535.jpg

Gracie Jones

Senior Project Manager, Housing Practice

Carmen Jovel 2023/10/bethaniehines-34-e1576868294154.jpg

Carmen Jovel

Deputy Director, Housing

Amanda Karl 2023/10/Amanda-Karl-scaled-e1616459111659.jpg

Amanda Karl

Board Member

Jay Kim 2023/10/bethaniehines-11-2-2-e1688152127412-946x1024-1.jpg

Jay Kim

Co-Deputy Director

Katia Kiston 2023/10/bethaniehines-15-e1667344706580.jpg

Katia Kiston

Clinical Program Coordinator


Michael S. Kwun

Board Member


Sabyl Landrum

Senior Staff Attorney, Clean Slate Practice


Sun Young Lee

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Health & Welfare Practice


Monique Liburd

Board Vice-Chair

Tanya Loftin 2023/10/bethaniehines-21-1024x1536-1-e1698261292139.jpg

Tanya Loftin

Administrative Assistant

Daven Lowhurst 2023/10/Board_Daven-Lowhurst.jpg

Daven G. Lowhurst

Board Member


Angelo Isaac Sandoval, Esq., MPA

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Clean Slate Practice

Kaya McRuer 2023/10/IMG_6887_anonymous-e1697434661514-271x300-1.png

Kaya McRuer

Brian Lewinstein Youth Justice Fellow, Education Defense and Justice for Youth

Ashley Ayala Mendoza 2023/10/bethaniehines-29-1-scaled-e1689889929846-768x884-1.jpg

Ashley Ayala Mendoza

Program Coordinator, Education Defense and Justice for Youth

Alina Medina Mora 2023/10/bethaniehines-29-e1667603934557.jpg

Alina Medina Mora

Paralegal & DOJ Accredited Legal Representative, Immigration Practice

Ingrid Murillo 2023/10/bethaniehines-74-e1667611625647.jpg

Ingrid Murillo

Senior Paralegal, Immigration Practice

Ujwala Murthy 2023/10/Image-1-e1667606056764-843x1024-1.jpeg

Ujwala Murthy

Institutional Giving Manager

Jeanette Muñoz 2023/10/bethaniehines-18-768x1152-1-e1698258850730.jpg

Jeanette Muñoz

Senior Paralegal & DOJ Accredited Legal Representative, Immigration Practice

Jael Myrick 2023/10/bethaniehines-69-e1667611980313.jpg

Jael Myrick

Director, Clean Slate Practice

Perla Navarro 2023/10/perla2-768x1150-1-e1698258370531.jpg

Perla Navarro

Administrative Assistant


Colin Newton

Program Coordinator

Michael K. Ng 2023/10/MKN-500x500-IMG-7-c.jpg

Michael K. Ng

Board Chair Emeritus

Brigitte Nicoletti 2023/10/Brigitte-Nicoletti-Headshot-150x150-1.jpg

Brigitte Nicoletti

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Clean Slate


Caleb Ontiveros

Facilities Manager

Desirée Nguyen Orth 2023/10/bethaniehines-34-e1667347670214.jpg

Desirée Nguyen Orth

Director, Consumer Justice Clinic

Rebecca Oyama 2023/10/bethaniehines-68-e1667612071423.jpg

Rebecca Oyama

Senior Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Clean Slate Practice

Melissa Phatharanavik 2023/10/Melissa-Phatharanavik-Headshot-e1592241860139.jpg

Melissa Phatharanavik

Senior Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Immigration

Mindy Phillips 2023/10/bethaniehines-2-e1576875217592.jpg

Mindy Phillips

Co-Director, Immigration Practice

Donzahniya Pitre 2023/10/bethaniehines-72-scaled-e1642632545595-400x450-1.jpg

Donzahniya Pitre

Program Coordinator, Health & Welfare

Zoë Polk, Executive Director 2023/09/Zoe-headshot-web.jpg

Zoë Polk

Executive Director

Ana 2023/10/bethaniehines-67-e1667612175785.jpg

Ana Vazquez Pulido

Senior Program Coordinator, Clean Slate Practice

Sneh 2023/10/EBCLCheadshots_brookeanderson-25-scaled-e1643149038794.jpg

Sneh Rao

Board Member

Abigail Rich 2023/10/bethaniehines-83-e1667843643701.jpg

Abigail Rich

Senior Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Immigration

Michelle Natividad Rodriguez 2023/10/MIchelle-Natividad-Rodriguez-e1591828025491-122x150-1.jpg

Michelle Natividad Rodriguez

Board Member

Rebecca Romero 2023/10/bethaniehines-12-e1576864564717.jpg

Rebecca Romero

Senior Paralegal & DOJ Accredited Legal Representative, Immigration Practice

Tamura Rosby 2023/10/bethaniehines-40-e1667347982848.jpg

Tamura Rosby

HR Coordinator

Whitney Rubenstein 2023/10/bethaniehines-28-e1576888024761.jpg

Whitney Rubenstein

Director, Social Work Program and Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Education Defense & Justice for Youth

Maureen 2023/10/Board_Maureen-Sheehy-e1698251240788.jpg

Maureen A. Sheehy

Board Treasurer


Eric Singerman

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Education Defense and Justice for Youth

Miguel Soto 2023/10/bethaniehines-110-e1576888129311.jpg

Miguel Soto

Senior Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Consumer Justice Clinic

Cancion SotoRosen 2023/10/bethaniehines-27-e1576865125470.jpg

Cancion SotoRosen

Co-Director, Education Defense and Justice for Youth / Director, Youth Defender Clinic

Jasmine Sozi 2023/10/bethaniehines-80-e1670290891184.jpg

Jasmine Sozi

Project Manager, Community Economic Justice Practice


Chaiquis Stephens

Program Coordinator, Clean Slate Practice

Julia Stewart 2023/10/bethaniehines-1-e1667347041697.jpg

Julia D. Stewart

Director of Finance


Victoria Tang

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Clean Slate

Nina Thiebert 2023/10/myheadshot-e1645210393641.jpg

Nina Thiebert

Communications Manager

Tiffany Renee Thomas 2023/10/TVP1056XSQUARE.jpg

Tiffany Renee Thomas

Board Chair

Michael Trujillo 2023/10/bethaniehines-46-e1667605302346.jpg

Michael Trujillo

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Community Economic Justice Practice

Atasi 2023/10/bethaniehines-35-e1667348549865.jpg

Atasi Uppal

Director, Education Justice Clinic / Co-Director, Education Defense and Justice for Youth

Kelly Valentine 2023/10/EBCLCheadshots_brookeanderson-5-scaled-e1642632637476-768x863-1.jpg

Kelly Valentine

Paralegal & DOJ Accredited Legal Representative, Immigration Practice


Marilyn Villanueva

Intake / Program Coordinator


Sophia Wang

Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor, Consumer Justice Practice

Gloria Yi 2023/10/bethaniehines-45-e1667605458750.jpg

Gloria Yi

Staff Attorney / Clinical Supervisor, Education Advocacy Clinic


Linda Yu

Co-Director, Housing Practice

Steven Zieff 2023/10/Board_Steve-Zieff.jpg

Steven G. Zieff

Board Member