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Traffic Court Phone Number: (408) 556-3000

Financial Hardship? *Note – Santa Clara County is currently formulating a new process to address Ability to Pay concerns. Currently, you can write a letter to the judge with as much detail as possible explaining your financial hardship. The judge will issue a written decision which will be mailed to you. It is up to the judge what kind of relief (payment plan, reduction, community service) you get based on financial hardship. If your ticket is in collections and you have a civil assessment fee, submit a Civil Assessment petition to the clerk in person or by mail. Attach as much proof as possible for the reason for failure to appear or pay. The judge will issue a written response which will be mailed to you.

Driver’s License Hold/Suspension for Failure to Appear? Appear in court and the hold will be removed

Criminal records remedies

Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office

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