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* ATP Request Form: will be available online in October

Traffic Court Phone Number: (661) 868-7208 (Revenue Recovery)

Financial Hardship? ATP form will go live first week in October (available online and only available for cases that have been adjudicated). Individual gets the form online from Revenue Recovery Services. Submit the form to the court by mail or in-person. A judicial officer looks at it, and determines whether the fine can be waived or balance reduced. Individuals then go back to Revenue Recovery and go on a payment plan. If you default on the payment plan, a civil assessment fee will be added. Will need to attach financial documentation or proof that financial status has changed.

Driver’s License Hold/Suspension for Failure to Appear?  The hold is removed once the defendant appears in court. If a person cannot physically appear in court, they can write a letter to the judge and the written communication counts as an appearance.

Civil Assessment Fee: Revenue Recovery staff will waive or reduce on a case-by-case basis after reviewing circumstances for FTA or FTP.

Criminal records remedies

Kern County Public Defender’s Office

Campbell Whitten

  • Website:
  • Bakersfield Office
    • Address: 1712 19th Street, Suite 101, Bakersfield, CA 93301
    • Phone: (661) 735-1038
  • Delano Office
    • Address: 1122 Jefferson Street, Delano, CA 93215
    • Phone: (661) 720-5813
  • Lamont Office
    • Address: 12022 Main Street, Lamont, CA 93241
    • Phone: (661) 868-5731
  • Mojave Office
    • Address: 1775 Highway 58, Mojave, CA 93501
    • Phone: (661) 824-7170
  • Ridgecrest Office
    • Address: 400 North China Lake Boulevard, Ridgecrest, Ca. 93555
    • Phone: (760) 384-5876
  • Shafter Office
    • Address: 325 Central Valley Highway, Shafter, CA 93263
    • Phone: (661) 746-7542
  • Taft Office
    • Address: 315 North Lincoln Street, Taft, CA 93268
    • Phone: (661) 763-8585

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