The Future of Social Justice

Congratulations to our Berkeley Law and Social Work graduates!

We celebrate our graduates’ tremendous achievements and welcome them to our list of honored alumni, future social justice lawyers, and advocates.


Graduate Reflections

Enjoy our students’ reflections on their experiences at EBCLC


Sam Charles, Housing Clinic

One of the most special things about EBCLC is that the people there can work inside our legal system every day, learn it extremely well, and yet never give into the idea that its failures are normal, acceptable, or unchangeable.

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Maya Fegan, Health and Welfare Clinic

I can truly say that EBCLC has shaped me as a future lawyer. My clinic work has given me invaluable knowledge and skills—about the nuts and bolts of community lawyering; about trauma-informed and client-centered services; and about self-care and setting boundaries to make a long-term career in direct services feel sustainable.

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Kaya McRuer, Education Defense and Justice for Youth (EDJY) Program

My clinical experience has been foundational to my experience of law school. The law school pedagogy includes relatively little about the practice of law, but EDJY taught me both skills critical to being a lawyer and also how to put my values into practice in order to become the type of lawyer I want to be.”

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“Thank you for showing up for our clients and this community. Your work and investment enabled us to touch thousands of clients—millions if you count the tremendous policy advocacy work you helped propel forward. Thank you for taking risks. Thank you for stepping up and stepping back. Thank you for using your legal and social work training to serve others.”

A Note From Our Executive Director, Zoë Polk

EBCLC Clinical Graduating Classes