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Traffic Court Phone Number: (916) 408-6000, option 2, then option 2 again

Financial Hardship? Request to go before the judge for a hearing on a request for a Fines and Fees Reduction by going in to the Clerk’s office or calling and requesting to be put on the judge’s calendar. Mon-Fri 8am – 3pm or call and set up a time (Traffic Court is only Monday and Tues, no walk-ins). If you would like to go on a payment plan, you can get the payment plan form from a court clerk. Submit the form to the city collections agency, Placer County Revenue Services If you do not appear in Court, the judge will waive your civil assessment if you come in and pay your fine within 2 weeks. After that, you have 20 more days to go to the clerks and request to be placed on a payment plan and get the civil assessment fee waived (you do not have to go before the judge for this). After that, you would need to appear before the judge or write a letter and the judge could, at her/his discretion, vacate the civil assessment fee.

Driver’s License Hold/Suspension for Failure to Appear? If your case is a misdemeanor, you will have to go before the judge and the judge can remove hold at their discretion. Placer County usually does not place holds on licenses for FTAs in infraction cases.

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