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“I feel immense gratitude for my journey with EBCLC over the past 13 years. Our reach and deep connection to the communities we serve is what keeps me engaged and invested in this work. EBCLC has always been a place where reflective practice is encouraged, where we are continually evaluating what we do and how we do it, and where the work evolves to meet the moment that we are in. Change is a constant and an imperative.”  

Rosa Bay, Co-Deputy Director

“Over the past two decades at EBCLC, I have been motivated by listening to clients and finding a way to help improve their lives. Our efforts make a lasting impact not only through advocacy but also through the easy-to-understand tools and information that we provide to our clients. Our clients leave our workshops and trainings empowered to confidently share knowledge with others in the community. I find fulfillment in providing information and services to the community in which I live. I remain grateful for the opportunity to help those in need.”

Gracie Jones, Sr. Project Manager
Marc S. Janowitz 2023/10/bethaniehines-15-scaled-e1581012709229.jpg

“There is the world that is and the world that we dream. In the world that we dream, when problems in the legal realm arise, we all have access to the highest quality legal care, where the playing field is leveled to the extent possible, and where such rights as we have are maximized for the benefit of humanity, individual and collective. It is that world I have tried to manifest in my work for over 20 years at EBCLC. That is the work of all of us in our community every day. I am motivated by the knowledge that the existing disparities cannot endure. I am motivated by our shared certainty of what can be, and of what must be.”

Marc S. Janowitz, Sr. Staff Attorney/Clinical Supervisor

2023 Impact

With the support of faithful donors, partners, and advocates, we made an incredible impact over the last year.


critical legal services provided


in public benefits secured for clients and their families


Immigration applications filed for DACA renewals and other immigration relief

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