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Did you know you can give unclaimed, unallocated, or undeliverable funds from a settlement or judgment by awarding EBCLC as the recipient? By directing Cy Pres awards to EBCLC, your contribution directly amplifies our work in vital areas such as consumer rights, housing, immigration, health, and clinical education. This partnership underscores our mutual dedication to empowering those we serve. We warmly invite your collaboration, aiming to create a lasting impact by addressing and foreseeing the diverse needs of the communities we advocate for.

EBCLC is a qualified recipient for Cy Pres awards, compliant with federal and California laws. Under California’s Civil Procedure Section 384, nonprofits providing “civil legal services” are eligible for Cy Pres funds. Federally, in the Ninth Circuit, awards are rightly given to nonprofits linked to class claims. EBCLC’s broad service spectrum ensures a clear nexus to many class action plaintiff classes, underscoring our suitability for such awards. 

Contact our Co-Deputy Director, Jay Kim, at jkim@ebclc.org or (510-269-6708) to learn more.

Cy Pres FAQ

What is Cy Pres?

Cy Pres is a doctrine that permits a court to award unallocated, unclaimed, or undeliverable funds from a class action settlement or judgment to a non-profit organization.

How does EBCLC benefit from Cy Pres funds?

EBCLC provides several multimodal, holistic legal services that align with most class action areas and makes us eligible to be nominated for Cy Pres funds. These awards allow EBCLC to continue fighting for justice for communities of color and those at the intersection of multiple oppressions. Our clinics and programs offer services that may fulfill a nexus with your class action.

Where would Cy Pres funds be allocated?

Cy Pres funds would primarily be allocated towards legal services across the majority of our program areas.

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