Consumer Justice & General Clinic Services

The Consumer Justice & General Clinic provides brief services and representation to low-income consumers facing a wide variety of issues, and provide representation and advocacy for homeless people.

For Consumers, attorneys and advocates can provide the following types of assistance:

  • Defending consumers on debt-collection lawsuits
  • Protecting consumers’ assets by contesting wage garnishments, bank levies, and other creditor liens.
  • Educating consumers through materials and outreach about deceptive, unfair, illegal, and/or predatory consumer programs and practices.
  • Assisting borrowers to discharge their federal student loans or enter into more affordable repayments agreement.
  • Defending consumers in disputes regarding repayment of private student loans.
  • Financial assessments to help consumers develop the best priorities for their own finances.
  • Correcting credit reporting errors.
  • Assisting victims of identity theft.
  • Defending and litigating against operations that victimize non-English speaking immigrant populations.

For people experiencing homelessness, attorneys and advocates can provide the following types of assistance:

  • Citation defense (help with tickets from the sidewalk, traffic tickets, etc.)
  • Public benefits assistance
  • Barriers to housing (i.e., bad credit keeping you out of housing)
  • License suspension/DMV
  • Storage unit disputes
  • Car tows

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