EBCLC Unanimously Ratifies Collective Bargaining Agreement

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September 6, 2023


The East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) is proud to announce it has ratified its second collective bargaining agreement. We mark this victory with recognition of the history that made our success possible. EBCLC is grateful to be in solidarity with movements worldwide in valuing the dignity and solidarity of workers.

“Our mission is to ensure our clients have representation and agency in systems of power. This requires diligent care of a client-centered staff who share knowledge, innovate legal strategies and win victories.  The collective bargaining process enables the organization to be accountable about its own power to make our workers’ lives better,” said Co-Deputy Director Rosa Bay.

EBCLC has been a unionized nonprofit for four years. In that time, management and staff have been in consistent dialogue and collaboration to strengthen the workplace. The organization has attracted and retained staff committed to advancing women of color centered activation and solutions. Moreover, through the organization’s clinical teaching program, EBCLC has trained students on nonprofit structures that create better outcomes for clients and the sector.

“The bargaining process for nonprofits within social movements should, as much as possible, eschew the antagonism of labor relations in the corporate sector,” said Co-Deputy Director Jay Kim. “Those dynamics are rooted in the race for profit. Rather, we should recognize that managers and workers in our sector have allyship in wanting more investment in the communities we serve.”

“I am proud of the challenging and collective work that went into negotiating and finalizing our first successor contract. EBCLC workers united in a thoughtful critique of our initial contract, and worked collaboratively with management to continue to deepen this organization’s commitment to ensuring a safe, equitable, sustainable, and vibrant workplace for all staff members,” said Meghan Gordon, Co-Director of Housing Practice and member of the Bargaining Team.

EBCLC’s successor collective bargaining agreement includes a $58,000 salary floor, paid study leave for legal apprentices, legal workers who want to go to law school and social workers seeking clinical licensure, preferred provider health coverage, and special leave for employees who need gender-affirming care.