EBCLC’s Statement on the Life of Breonna Taylor

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September 24, 2020

Breonna Taylor lived as a beloved family member, an essential healthcare worker, and a community builder. Photos of her reveal how much she had to offer the world. The mural tributes of her in downtown Oakland and across the country evince that she has changed it.

The historic and current reality of the US legal system is that there is no accountability for Black lives. There is no justice or peace to be found while white supremacy is upheld.

As Black women lawyers and legal workers, as lawyers and legal workers of color, we move through the courtroom with a dual consciousness. We know we must labor within the bounds of the law while constantly bearing witness to its intractable devastation. Black and Brown people are often referred to as “system impacted” when in fact they are “system intended.”

Like Breonna Taylor, most of EBCLC’s clients are Black women, heads of households, aged 25-44 years old, and women with ambitions to launch their own businesses, organize movements, build homes and lead full thriving lives. It is our honor to be on the same team as Black women, and, in doing so, work towards our collective liberation.

EBCLC rises in love and justice with Breonna Taylor’s family and community, and the artists, protesters, and activists who uplift her name and life.