EBCLC's Women of Color-Centered Platform

January 20, 2021
As a woman of color-led and centered organization, EBCLC is and will be pursuing, with unapologetic clarity and focus, our Women of Color-Centered Platform.

"When we invest in the vision, strategies, and solutions of women of color, we center dignity, uplift families, and advance systems-change work that transforms communities. These impacts are clearly reflected in Black Lives Matter, the National Domestic Workers Alliance and progressive mobilization movements. I am thrilled to lead EBCLC in the legacy of Black women executive directors before me, and in collaboration with other women of color leaders on our Executive team and Board of Directors. As leaders of EBCLC, the strategies we offer are powerfully shaped by our own lived experiences, which reflect the challenges that our communities face every day."

-Zoƫ Melissa Polk | Executive Director