Meet EBCLC's New Leadership

October 29, 2020

At the East Bay Community Law Center, we have invested in leadership at the Board and staff level to meet the rising need for legal services. Our team’s work to apply for immigration relief, negotiate rental assistance, identify and prevent consumer fraud, fight punitive school discipline and ensure that unemployment doesn’t result in family impoverishment is critical now more than ever. That is why I’m proud to introduce you to the new leadership at EBCLC. From Board members who bring extensive lived and professional expertise to support staff who are helping us all stay connected during our switch to remote services, these new additions to our team will play a key role in our community’s recovery. I hope you will join me in welcoming these new justice champions. Each one of them helps us meet this critical moment.

Easha Anand, EBCLC Board

Supreme Court and Appellate Counsel

Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center



Sneh Rao, EBCLC Board

Director of Policy

San Francisco Human Rights Commission



Stephanie Tilden, EBCLC Board

Berkeley Law Student




Jose Barajas

Office Manager




Taylor Boutelle

Health & Welfare Staff Attorney

& Clinical Supervisor



Cristiana Giannini

Clean Slate Staff Attorney & Clinical Supervisor




Peter James

Data & Evaluation Manager




Jay Kim

Co-Deputy Director




Milo Manopoulos Beitman

Health & Welfare Staff Attorney




Candy Smallwood

Clean Slate Staff Attorney & Clinical Supervisor





These new leaders have stepped up to the plate, and so have all of you. Thank you for helping us to grow, evolve, and meet this challenging moment with power and resolve.


Zoë Polk

Executive Director


East Bay Community Law Center