Clean Slate

The Clean Slate Practice of the East Bay Community Law Center uses strategic legal and policy tools to reduce pathways to the criminal justice system and remove barriers to employment and civic participation for people with conviction records. Clean Slate attorneys and advocates provide assistance to clients in the following areas:

  • Post-Conviction Remedies (including early termination of probation, PC 1203.4 dismissals, Felony reductions including Prop 47 and Prop 64 Petitions)
  • Sealing of Arrest Record—Factual Innocence
  • Vacating Convictions for Survivors of Human Trafficking and Immigrants
  • Employment Denials Due to Criminal Background
  • Occupational Licensing Denials Due to Criminal Background (ex: DSS, Security Guard, CNA, etc.)
  • Driver’s License Suspensions
  • Reduction and Discharge of Court Fines and Fees (e.g., traffic tickets, criminal court debt)
  • Reduction and Discharge of predatory municipal debt (e.g., parking tickets, towing fees)

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PLEASE NOTE  that the Clean Slate practice is located at 2001 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704

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