Expanding Economic Opportunities for All Californians

September 10, 2020

Expanding Economic Opportunities for All Californians

Today’s job seekers of color are still grappling with the impact of decades of racially discriminatory criminal justice policies, from mass incarceration to the war on drugs. In California, where applicants must navigate a labyrinthine maze of regulations in careers governed by occupational licensing boards, people with criminal records face significant barriers.

EBCLC works to address these damaging policies and advance better economic opportunities for all Californians. As leaders in the field of occupational licensing reform, we authored and successfully lobbied for AB-2138, which opens pathways to family-sustaining careers to millions of Californians with past criminal convictions by creating new rules for the 41 licensing boards governed by California’s Department of Consumer Affairs. We are working to expand these same opportunities to people seeking careers as firefighters and caretakers.

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