Centering Health, Dignity, and Wellness

September 10, 2020

Centering Health, Dignity, and Wellness

EBCLC’s Health & Welfare Clinic works to ensure that race, gender identity, immigration status, disability, and income are not barriers to leading healthy lives. In addition to providing robust public benefits advocacy at the individual level, EBCLC fights to remove these barriers systemically through public comments, amicus briefs, and coalition-based legislative advocacy.

Current Projects:

  • Requiring insurance companies to cover gender-affirming surgeries, empowering low-income trans people to live with dignity and preventing violence and discrimination
  • Advocating with national Social Security Administration to implement emergency pandemic protocols, securing crucial public benefits and removing barriers to access during local office closures
  • Through our participation on local councils, advocating for the civil rights of people living with HIV in Alameda County

Past Projects, Wins, and Publications:

For more information, contact Co-Deputy Director Rosa Bay,